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Science it.

Claims are easy to make. Until evidence is required. Our product development process goes through rigorous scientific evidence, with each medical claim backed by clinical papers. They adhere to good manufacturing practices (GMPs) to ensure their identity, purity, strength and composition. That’s why when our customers take our supplements, they know they’re taking supplements that actually work.

Travelling Far And Wide

To make our best-seller anti-ageing supplement Dunamis, we travelled all the way to Japan to find the best and most premium glutathione – researched, formulated and developed by Kohjin Life Sciences. Or take the choline in Dunamis – we flew all the way to Belgium’s renowned Azingro NV, a company trusted for its quality ingredients. By going to the source, that’s how we know we’re giving you the best.

A Boutique Pharmacy

Unlike a regular pharmacy, we carry just a select few products. This is because it is nearly impossible to find supplements that meet our standards. A product has to go through intense scrutiny before they are sold at The Supplement Clinic. 97% of them fail our tests, but for those few who do, we back them up with our quality assurance.

Not Just Another Supplement Website

Buying supplements isn’t about just grabbing a bottle from the shelf. Each person is different and you undoubtedly would have questions. That’s why we have a line of communication where our customers can WhatsApp us to discuss their health status and see if our products work. For we know behind every unsaved number who sends us a text is a person with unique health requirements who deserves time and attention to find the best supplement.

Not sure what you’re looking for?

“I am looking for a powerful antioxidant supplement for anti-ageing.”

“I am a frequent drinker and want to protect my liver.”


“I have high blood pressure and want to lower my blood pressure.”

“I am a fitness enthusiast and need more blood flow for more performance.”

“I have erectile dysfunction.”


“I suffer from joint pain and arthritis.”

“I have joint pain each time I exercise or go down the staircase.”


“I am looking for a powerful anti-ageing product that contains antioxidants AND premium collagen.”

If you have seen how much time we spend debating whether
a product is good enough for The Supplement Clinic,
you’d understand why we carry so few products.
Alan Ho, Founder of The Supplement Clinic