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Arterial Formulation ®

Arterial Formulation ®

Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some Frequently-Asked Questions. If there are questions unanswered here, do reach out to us and we would be happy to clarify.

Yes! Arterial Formulation ® is suitable for vegetarians and contains no traces of meat, fish, eggs or dairy.

This can occasionally occur and is not a cause for concern as long as all of the prongs around the edge are indeed still fully engaged as noted. The seal used on the tubs that contains the product is a ‘tamper protection seal’ in line with legislation requirements and is not a ‘vacuum tight seal’ so slight edge lifting can on occasion happen.

We do not recommend Arterial Formulation ® to be taken by persons under the age of 18.

Arterial Formulation ® is a natural product that can be prone to clumping. We state this on the label and advise that this can easily be resolved by mixing with a kitchen implement such as a fork to break the powder down, which loosens and returns to a fine mix very easily. Any clumping or setting that does occur has no derogatory effect on the products quality or potency. Regular shaking of the tub will ensure that the powder does not solidify.

Arterial Formulation ® should be stored in a cool dry place with the tub lid firmly secured.

For maximum benefit, Arterial Formulation ® should be taken on an empty stomach. We recommend taking Arterial Formulation ® at least an hour before eating to ensure optimal absorption. The L-Arginine and other ingredients in the Arterial Formulation ® work effectively in your system between doses and so as long as a minimum of one scoop is taken each day, around the same time point, benefits should be seen and maintained. Arterial Formulation ® is best taken when feels right for each individual. There is no diminishment in the benefits of taking Arterial Formulation ® in relation to the time of day it is consumed.

We do recommend that Arterial Formulation ® is taken on an empty stomach either an hour or so before or after eating, as other amino-acids in foods can compete with the L-Arginine in Arterial Formulation ® making absorption into the system that bit harder – so separation from other dietary intake is helpful to the process. Taking Arterial Formulation ® on an empty stomach does tend to lead to the product being drunk either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Arterial Formulation ® is best consumed within 30 minutes of preparation.

This can be experienced due to the difference in an individual’s taste buds. We recommend customers simply add their scoop to a larger glass of water to dilute to preferred taste.

Arterial Formulation ® may affect blood pressure levels. Through increased nitric oxide production and vasodilation, l-arginine may lower blood pressure levels. L-arginine may interact with blood pressure medications by producing an additive effect. Combining antihypertensive medications with l-arginine may cause hypotension (undesirable low blood pressure). A person taking blood pressure medications should closely monitor blood pressure levels to ensure that levels remain within a safe range. With a physician’s approval and guidance, medication dosage may need to be adjusted. Always separate the dose of medication from natural supplements (such as Arterial Formulation ®) by approximately two hours. Start with a low dose of natural supplement, slowly increasing dosage and watching for signs of sensitivity. When being treated for a medical condition, always consult with your health care provider regarding your use of natural supplements.

L-Arginine, the main ingredient in Arterial Formulation ®, can contribute to an upset stomach in those with either a sensitive stomach, an already upset stomach, or when too large or too strong a dilution of Arterial Formulation ® is taken. We suggest if an upset stomach is experienced that building up to a full scoop by taking smaller doses may help and also add the measure of Arterial Formulation ® to a larger glass of water. If an upset stomach persists we recommend that the taking of Arterial Formulation ® is discontinued.

As with any other medical condition, in cases of Diabetes (both Diabetes 1 & 2) we recommend consultation with your Health Care advisor or GP prior to taking Arterial Formulation ®. Persons with blood sugar concerns should always monitor their blood glucose levels carefully when beginning supplementation with products such as Arterial Formulation ® to assess how it will affect them.

We recommend on the label to shake the tub well before opening and to also shake the tub well each time before opening to measure out a scoop. There may be ‘settling’ of the mix that could result in a stronger flavour as the bottom of the tub is reached – which should be resolved by keeping the contents well mixed by regular shaking.

Arterial Formulation ® can taste different from person to person due to their own taste ranges and biological taste buds. There are going to be people who may detect a sharper flavour (or indeed other subtle differences) that they may not like so much and there are going to be people who absolutely love the taste. It can be very much a personal taste experience. If someone finds the taste of Arterial Formulation ® to be too sharp, too sweet, too bitter or to have any undertones of flavour that they consider unpleasant – we recommend always shaking the tub well and that the scoop measurement is added to a larger glass of water to dilute further.

For maximum benefit, Arterial Formulation ® should be taken on an empty stomach. We recommend taking Arterial Formulation ® at least an hour before eating to ensure optimal absorption.

We do not use chemical anti-caking agents in Arterial Formulation ®, because we want to keep it natural – and there is therefore a slight risk of the product solidifying. Clumping is easily avoided by regular shaking of the tub, as advised on the label. In the event of the powder setting we recommend that mixing with a kitchen implement such as a fork to break the powder down, which loosens and returns to a fine mix very easily. Any clumping or setting that does occur has no derogatory effect on the products quality or potency.

The tub provides 300g (1 months supply) of Arterial Formulation ®. We need to use the size tub that we do to ensure that the label information remains readable. If the tub was smaller, the label would have to be smaller and the information needed on the label to be compliant with legislation would be illegible. We could of course fill the tub with more product but that would put the price up and we prefer to keep Arterial Formulation ® affordable for all.

The recommended dose of Arterial Formulation ® is one scoop. One scoop of Arterial Formulation ® contains 1000iu of Vitamin D3. Research indicates that doses of D3 have been administered for a variety of health conditions in far greater doses than those contained within Arterial Formulation ® – without negative side effects.

We always recommend consultation with your GP or Health Care provider before taking Arterial Formulation ® – if you have any undiagnosed health concerns, suffer any medical condition are taking any medication or intend exceeding the recommended dose of Arterial Formulation ®.

Arterial Formulation ® is a dilute to taste product and the benefits of taking the supplement are not reduced if the scoop is added to a larger glass of water. Simply dilute to a level of preference.

The recommended daily dose of Arterial Formulation ® is one scoop. Research and clinical information available on line, from credible sources, does indeed state that much larger doses of L-Arginine have been used in clinical trials without derogatory side effects and the Mayo Clinic website also states doses of Arginine of up to 30g can be taken safely.

We always recommend consultation with your GP or Health Care provider before taking Arterial Formulation ® – if you have any undiagnosed health concerns, suffer any medical condition are taking any medication or intend exceeding the recommended dose of Arterial Formulation ®.

There is some evidence that suggests that L-Arginine may increase the risk of bleeding in those who are taking blood thinning drugs. Consult with your Health Care advisor or GP before taking Arterial Formulation ® if you are on any of the drug thinning medications.

The natural sweetener Stevia Rebaudiana is used in Arterial Formulation ®. Stevia Rebaudiana is a plant species of the sunflower family. It is low in glycemic index and is suitable for Diabetics.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative disease involving chondrocytes, cartilage and other joint tissues – which has a variety of underlying causes, including both biochemical and mechanical factors. Chondrocytes produce nitric oxide under normal conditions. Although proinflammatory factors including nitric oxide (NO) are associated with OA, there is recent evidence suggesting that NO and its redox derivatives may also play protective roles in the joint.

Arginine supports the immune system and can promote the healing of inflammatory processes. In addition, arginine improves circulation and can thus help to transfer micronutrients to the joints.

We always recommend consultation with your GP or Health Care provider before taking Arterial Formulation ® – if you have any undiagnosed health concerns, suffer any medical condition are taking any medication or intend exceeding the recommended dose of Arterial Formulation ®.

We recommend that you stop taking Arterial Formulation ® at least 3 weeks before any surgical procedure. We also recommend that you always make your GP or healthcare provider aware of any supplementation that you have been taking prior to any medical procedure.

Scoop sizes are always volumetric (i.e ml/cc rather than g), and a level 15ml scoop provides 10g of Arterial Formulation ®.

As with any medical condition it is always wise to consult with a GP or healthcare professional before taking supplementation – especially if medication is being taken. Literature shows that L-arginine may have anti-arrhythmic properties resulting from its role as a nitric oxide precursor which in turn has an ability to restore sinus rhythm spontaneously, whilst supporting the healthy dilation of blood vessels. Endogenous production of L-arginine may decline in aging perturbing cardiac rhythm, and these “conditional” essential nutrients therefore become “essential” and may require supplementation. Cardiac arrhythmias having no known cause in otherwise healthy people and are hypothesized to be symptoms of deficiencies of arginine and other amino acids like taurine. Nitric oxide reduces resistance to blood flow and helps to normalize blood pressure and is also believed to have a stabilizing effect on the heart’s pacemaker.

L-arginine has been shown to restore a normal heart rhythm and to increase exercise capacity in people with heart disease. One of the dangers of atrial fibrillation is the potential for a blood clot to form in the atria while they are quivering rather than pumping. A portion of the clot can then break off and be carried to the brain where it could block an artery and ultimately cause a stroke. Blood thinners are generally prescribed to lessen stroke risk in patients with atrial fibrillation. L-arginine lessens the risk of clot formation and may decrease of presented blood thinners required to prevent clot formation.

An increase in heart rate could be related to you already having low blood pressure. When the blood pressure gets too low the heart compensates by beating faster. We always recommend consultation with your GP or healthcare provider before taking Arterial Formulation ® if you have any known medical conditions or hypertension (high blood pressure) or hypotension (low blood pressure) and always advise that you cease taking Arterial Formulation ® if you experience any side effects and consult with your GP or healthcare provider before taking Arterial Formulation ® again.

We don’t add salt to the formula. However, certain ingredients in Arterial Formulation ® will have a very small ‘salt content’. When you add these small amounts up they contribute to the overall low salt content, which we do need to state on the label to conform with regulations for food supplements.

Many references state that a minimum of 1000iu is necessary and most experts state 2000iu is adequate on a daily basis. Again many experts also state that the dosage level should be increased to 5000iu during winter. A recent report in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” Stated that dosage levels of 5,000iu or even 10,000iu daily, will not cause any signs of overdose and that you’ll likely need to take 50,000 IU daily to develop symptoms of an overdose.

Arterial Formulation ® might lower blood pressure. This could be a problem if you already have low blood pressure. Always seek advice from your GP or healthcare provider if you are on any medication before taking Arterial Formulation ®.

The L-Citrulline used in Arterial Formulation ® is sourced from corn by a natural fermentation process.

The 300g of Arterial Formulation ® contained in each tub (equivalent to a 30 day supply of 10g per day level scoops) is measured out by two powder line compliance checks during the manufacture process. One that weighs the powder on line and fills to the correct weight, and a second that is volumetric and incorporates a checkweighter – which rejects any under or overweight tubs. Both of these checking processes are calibrated each day and again before each production batch. This needs to be done to maintain compliance with EU regulations. The chances of underfill are extremely low. The tub contains 30 level scoops of Arterial Formulation ®. A slight over fill of the scoop each time, which is easily done, will result in less than 30 scoops overall. Heaping a scoop by as little as 1g extra will reduce the 30 scoops total by 2 or 3 scoops. By ensuring that each scoop is a level fill there will be a 30 day supply of Arterial Formulation ® as stated on the label.

Our manufacturer uses high-tech equipment during production which ensures the correct ingredient mix is achieved in each 300g tub. The skilful blending delivers the stated mix in a scoop size. Compliance checks are done on each batch of Arterial Formulation ® and each batch is tested to ensure formulation consistency.

The Vitamin K2 used in Arterial Formulation ® is sourced from Japanese Natto – produced by a natural fermentation process of Soya Bean.

Arterial Formulation ® is much more than just an L-Arginine product. The formulation is blended – based upon scientific quantifiable research in relation to the proven benefits of the included amino acids, vitamins and minerals – to an exact and specific measure, with L-Citrulline, Vitamin C, Beetroot Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Resveratrol Extract and Vitamins K2 and D3. It is all about the synergy of the total ingredients that make Arterial Formulation ® a preferred product in the market place and to compare it with lower priced L-Arginine products on offer is unrealistic. Our specifically created proprietary blend is very different from simple L-Arginine capsules. Furthermore, capsules, by restriction of size, deliver a much lower dose of L-Arginine and will not contain the other vital ingredients of Arterial Formulation ®. As a side point – to equal just the 5 grams of L-Arginine alone that is contained in a daily scoop of Arterial Formulation ®, one would need to consume a high number of capsules. Capsules also are not as bio-available as a powdered food supplement, which is absorbed by the body much faster, and therefore any effectiveness of taking capsules would be diluted – there is always a loss in benefit when supplements cost less. There are indeed other lower priced L-Arginine powders that can be purchased in the market place – but again these are simply not like for like with Arterial Formulation ®. Arterial Formulation ® is positioned well in relation to products that could be deemed of a similar standard and is one of the most competitively priced products in this arena. Salutem Supplements developed Arterial Formulation ® with affordable health care in mind and are confident that Arterial Formulation ® presents good value for money in relation to the potential benefits that can be achieved in an individual’s health care regime. We encourage people to take a supplement that works for them and the feedback we receive with regards to Arterial Formulation ® is very encouraging.

We use a pure, Pharmaceutical grade L-Arginine base in Arterial Formulation ®. The Arginine is produced by a natural fermentation process using corn and is 100% vegan. We do not use Arginine alfa-ketoglutarate (AAKG) or L-Arginine HCL (which is a synthetically manufactured L-Arginine).

The Vitamin D3 used in Arterial Formulation ® is extracted from purified lanolin from the wool of sheep. The lanolin undergoes a process of exposure to ultraviolet rays (the same as when we expose our skin to sunshine) which produces a very high quality and potent form of D3. The D3 we use is totally suitable for vegetarians.

Blood pressure is controlled and affected by a number of interacting pathways, both hormonal, chemical and physical, and any one of these components can become dysfunctional which then results in raised blood pressure.

Your BP readings suggest you’re suffering from systolic hypertension which may be the result of a) poor kidney function and b) arterial stiffness. Taking Arterial Formulation ® may be of significant benefit because it has several modes of action both on the endothelium of arteries, the glomerular filtration rate of kidneys, on reduction of free radicals and also on red blood cells making them less “sticky”. Arterial Formulation ® ingredients have all been chosen due to the possible beneficial effects on the human vascular system including kidney function.

However, as with all vitamin supplementation please ensure that you consult with your personal doctor or physician to check that you are OK to take Arterial Formulation ® before actually taking it, as Arterial Formulation ® may enhance the effect of any medication you are currently taking.

Arterial Formulation ® is made from all natural ingredients and slight variation in taste and colour between batches is normal and can be expected. Variations in crops such as the berries used in the flavouring or the sunflower leaves used for the sweetener can be noted in our final product. The formulation is the same each time and the correct dosage of ingredients is always present. If a particular batch seems stronger in taste and is not to preference, we would recommend an increase in usual amount of water used in dilution.

Arterial Formulation ® is not produced in a factory that produces products that contains nuts and there is therefore no risk of any cross contamination.