” I am a lady of mature years suffering very high cholesterol (over 6.5). I heard about your product and asked my doctor if I could stop taking statins and take AF-8 instead. “

He agreed on the provison he took blood tests so he could monitor. My re-test blood works show that not only has the cholesterol level not gone up again, it has actually dropped by a further .5 points, down to 4.7.


Dawn Weatherer – Christchurch, Dorset


” Thirty years ago I had a car accident that shattered my ankle and resulted in me having to have metal pins put in and I have been suffering constant aches and pains since with a red swollen ankle. “

Since taking AF-8 my ankle has become ‘normal size’, no longer causes me pain and is a pink healthy colour. It really is quite remarkable.


Sam Crook – Bournemouth, Dorset


” I have two patients both with peripheral artery disease and both have very purple feet. One is 83. She called me after 3 weeks on AF-8 to say her toes were looking normal again. “

I recently tested her artery stiffness and her reading had improved by almost 50%. She also commented her joints felt easier. The second patient is in her mid-60’s. Her feet too are far less purple (in 2 weeks I might add!) and becoming fleshy pink (normal) again. I am amazed that this has happened so quickly. I think AF-8 is fantastic. Thank you so much for developing a product that works and this is affordable to the people who need it.


Dr E. Bayliss – Whitchurch, Hampshire


” I checked with your company and my Dr that it was ok for me to take AF-8 as I suffer from Diabetes type 1. “

Since I started taking your product I have noticed that I have a lot more energy at the end of the day and I can see that my sugar levels are a lot more balanced when I use it. AF-8 seems to be a very good supplement and I am looking forward to seeing if improvements continue.


Luke Perriton – New Milton, Hampshire


” I have been a diabetic for a long time now as well as having high blood pressure. Once I started taking AF-8 I kept a record of any changes experienced. “

Within a few weeks I become aware that I was experiencing much better sleep and my energy levels were much higher than usual and the levels of heaviness and tension around my chest has reduced substantially. I am thrilled to see after only a few weeks use of the AF-8 my blood glucose levels are dropping and heading towards the normal acceptable level. Further, as I have been on high blood pressure medication for a long time now I was amazed to see that my blood pressure readings from being high started to reduce and now are at 117/80. I have great confidence that this supplement will help me get better and stay healthy. I am really amazed by what this supplement has done for me. AF-8 also tastes great!


Raj Ahluwalia – Chiswick, London